Power Logic has been operating since 1998. We understand the everchanging needs of markets and provide comprehensive solutions that allow you to protect your most valuable assets–your computers and your data.

With our commitment and professionalism, we have continued to develop unique products and to establish our service channels nation wide. UPS & AVR are the first products that we developed.Until now, we have various range of UPS with capacity ranging from 800VA to 480KVA. For Networks and data centre, we have several type of UPS that delivers reliable power and with real time power management software we can control and auto shut down multiple servers. Besides that, Power Logic also wide range of UPS for industry use which is three phase True online UPS and N+X Modular type UPS.

Power Logic is now expanding into heavy duty and high performance industry for green power solutions. We wish to provide comprehensive power solutions to our customers.

UPS Rental Service

Our UPS Rental Service allows customers to rent a UPS system for a period of time, rather than having to purchase one outright. This can be a good option for businesses that need a UPS system.

We offer a variety of UPS systems for rent, including online UPS systems, offline UPS systems, and hybrid UPS systems. We also offer a variety of rental periods, from one month to one year.

To rent a UPS system from us, customers simply need to contact Koss UPS and request a quote. We will then work with the customer to determine the best UPS system for their needs and budget.

Once the customer has selected a UPS system to rent, Koss UPS will deliver the system to the customer's location and install it. We will also provide training on how to use the UPS system.

At the end of the rental period, the customer can return the UPS system to Koss UPS or purchase it outright.

If you are interested in learning more about the UPS Rental Service offered by Koss UPS, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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Koss ups sustainability

To provide sustainable, reliable and affordable products and services in ensuring continuous uninterrupted power supply for all message from our leaders

Message from our leaders

Power Logic Sdn Bhd was founded to help and work along side our business partners in ensuring everyone will be able to thrive continuously together We are inspired to create excellent satisfaction for our clients by offering the flexibility of customization m services.Thus, with the tag line of "KOSS UPS Sustainability",we hope to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable products and services to our clients in ensuring continuous uninterrupted power supply for their businesses.